Cats are passive mobs that are tamed from ocelots. Cats will follow the player and teleport to the player is the player is too far away. Creepers will run away from cats, making cats very useful.

Appearance Edit

Cats come in 3 types; tabby, ginger and siamese.


Tuxedos are black and white, and they have green eyes.


Ginger cats and ginger skin with dark orange stripes.


Siamese cats are different, having grey fur and blue eyes.

Behavior Edit

Cats will follow the player, and teleport if the player is far away. Cats will sit by right clicking, and will sit on their own accord on chests, active furnaces and beds. If there are two chests on top of each other, the cat will run around the chests, trying to sit on the top chest.


Two adult cats with a baby kitten

Breeding Edit

You can breed two cats with raw fish, and they will breed. A kitten will appear, and it will be one of the parents species.

Video Edit

Minecraft Mobs Ocelots and Cats

Minecraft Mobs Ocelots and Cats