Baby Chicken

Baby Chicken

Chickens (also called Ducks) are passive mobs in Minecraft that drop a few things. Chickens are 0.8 blocks tall, 0.5 blocks long and 0.8 blocks long, so they can go into 1x1 spaces.


Chickens are smaller than a block. They have a white body, yellow legs and beak and a red wattle.


Chickens wander around and if they fall of a cliff, they flap their wings and fly down. Chickens follow the player if you are holding wheat seeds. CHickens lay an egg every 7 minutes.


With seedsEdit

Right-clicking two chickens with wheat seeds will breed them.

With eggsEdit

Throwing an egg has a 1/8 chance to spawn a chicken.


Minecraft Mobs Chicken01:11

Minecraft Mobs Chicken


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