Chicken Jockey
Health Points Baby Zombie: 20HP (10x Heart)

Chicken: 4HP (2x Heart)

Drops Zombie: Rotten Flesh (0-2)

Chicken: Feathers (0-2), Raw Chicken(1), Cooked Chicken (1) if killed by fire, Egg every 5-10 minutes

Spawn Light level 7 or less
First Appearance 13w49a
Experience Points Zombie: 5

Chicken: 1-3

[view][talk] Chicken Jockeys are very rare mobs. They are when a baby zombie rides a chicken

Behavior Edit

The zombie controls the chicken, and they use the zombie's AI They will still lay eggs They don't take fall damage, since chickens float down Chicken Jockeys will track the player and villagers from a large distance Can fit through 1 block high spaces, but will take suffocation damage

Spawn Edit

All zombies have a 0.05% (1/2000) chance of spawning as a Chicken Jockey. They can also be spawned using the command /summon Zombie ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1,Riding:{id:Chicken}}

History Edit

November 29, 2013 A gallery was uploaded to Imgur showing a baby zombie inside a chicken[1]
November 30, 2013 @Dinnerbone tweeted to the image after seeing it[2]
1.7.3 - 13w49a Chicken Jockeys were added to the game

References Edit