Daylight Detector-1-

A Daylight Sensor

Daylight Sensors are used as solar panels, emitting redstone power in the daytime. At Nighttime, a player can use a NOT gate to turn into a nighttime sensor. Daylight Sensors weaken at dusk and dawn (can emit redstone 1-4 blocks), and are at full power at noon (can emit redstone 15 blocks), thus making traps for players if they mine blocks. 


As Daylight Sensors are solar panels, and function mostly the same thing, a player can use lots of traps that go off in daytime

- Can be place 15 blocks away from TNT, filled with redstone, can make a trap making the TNT go off at noon.

- For making a NOT gate.


Note: N stands for Nothing, G stands for Glass, NQ stands for Nether Quartz, WP stands for Wooden Planks

In a crafting table: Top Row: G,G,G. Middle Row: NQ,NQ,NQ. Bottom Row: WP,WP,WP.

NOT GateEdit

Simple NOT Gate

The simplist NOT gate

An NOT gate is a redstone machine that turns redstone lamps on at nighttime, and off at daytime. Look at the picture to find out how to make an NOT game 

Note: You can put redstone between the redstone torch and redstone lamp, and expand them as much as you want.