This page is for the Chicken Egg. For Dragon Egg, see Dragon Egg. For the Creative Mode Spawn Eggs, see Spawn Egg.



Eggs are items in Minecraft that are laid by chickens. Eggs can be thrown by right-clicking. Thrown eggs can spawn baby Chickens. One stack of Eggs (16) has an 88% chance of spawning 1 chicken, and a chance of spawning 2. One egg has a 1/32 chance of spawning 4 chickens (3.2% chance).

As a crafting ingredientEdit

Note: N stands for Nothing, M stands for Milk, S stands for Sugar, E stands for Egg, W stands for Wheat, P stands for Pumpkin

Cake; Top Row: M,M,M. Middle Row: S,E,S. Bottom Row: W,W,W.

Pumpkin pie; Top Row: N,N,N. Middle Row: P,E,N. Bottom Row: S,N,N.


See Tutorials/Egg Farming

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