Hay Bale

Hay Bale

Hay Bales are crafted with 9 wheat, and were added in the 1.6 Update. Right-clicking on a Horse with a Hay Bale in your hand will give the horse health, but not by placing Hay Bales next to Horses.


Hay Bales can feed horses, donkeys and mules by right-clicking on them healing up to 10 hearts (20 hit points). Hay Bales also speed up the foal's maturing speed by 3 minutes.


Note: N stands for Nothing, W stands for Wheat

In a crafting table; Top Row: W,W,W. Middle Row: W,W,W. Bottom Row: W,W,W.

As a crafting ingredientEdit

Note N stands for Nothing, HB stands for Hay Bale

Top Row: N,N,N. Middle Row: N,HB,N. Bottom Row: N,N,N.