Jungle Temple

Jungle Temple

Jungle Temples are structures made of cobblestone and vines. For trap lovers, Jungle Temples would be paradise, since you need to figure out a code to open a secret room.


Jungle Temples are made up of cobblestone, vines and other redstone mechanisms. There are levers you need to pull to open up a secret room. There is a 2 chests is the Temple: One in plain sight when you go down, guarded by a trap with tripwire. The other chest is in a secret room, and to find a code by pulling the levers.


Jungle Temple Puzzle

The Secret Room in a Jungle Temple. The lapis lazuli block represents the hidden door.

Jungle Temples have a trap inside, and looting the Jungle Temple (taking all the chests with you and collecting all the redstone) can give you easy redstone, if you  know a seed with a Jungle temple close by the spawn. There are Dispensers in shooting arrows, so it is good to look on the ground in a Temple, if you see tripwore, follow it and it will lead to a dispenser with 9 arrows.

Solution to the puzzleEdit

If the levers are on the left of stairs left left left left left left left leftEdit

If the levers are on the right of stairsEdit

Left, Right, Right, Left