Ladders are blocks used to climb up and down surfaces.


Ladders are used to climb up/down, more easily than stairs or if you aren't going to survive a fall.

Ladders are also sometimes used for parkour maps


You need to place the ladder on a block first, and then to get up, you walk into it and you keep ahold of the foward button (default W). To go down, walk into a ladder and let go of the keys.


Crafting RecipeEdit

In a crafting table
Stick Stick
Stick Stick Stick
Stick Stick

Natural OccurenceEdit

Ladders most commonly apper in NPC villages, in the small houses. Ladders also occur rarely in mineshafts and strongholds


Ladders can only take up 1 block of space, and 2 can't be placed in the same block.


Minecraft Blocks and Items Ladder01:14

Minecraft Blocks and Items Ladder


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