O-NPC Village

Overhead view of an NPC Village

I-NPC Village

In an NPC Village

NPC Villages are the home of Villagers. These only spawn in Plains or Desert Biomes. The Villages in Plains Biomes will be made out of oak wood, oak wood planks, cobblestone, cobblestone stairs, and glass panes. Desert Villagers will be made out of sandstone, smooth sandstone, sandstone stairs and glass panes; Desert Villages use sandstone instead of wood.

Types of HousesEdit


Huts are small houses that have a dirt floor and Wood walls. 0-1 Farmer Villagers spawn in these 

Small House (Large Hut)Edit

Small Houses have no door, and a fenced-off area sometimes on the roof. They have wooden walls, with cobblestone in the corner. 1 Farmer Villager spawns.

Large HouseEdit

Large Houses have the same materials as Small Houses, but have a door and are L-shaped. 2 Farmer Villagers spawn.

Butcher's ShopEdit

The Butcher's Shop has the same materials as Large Houses, but in an I-shape, and have a backyard. 1 Butcher Villager spawns, and sometimes a Farmer Villager sometimes spawns as the customer.


Libraries have the same materials as Butcher's Shops, but with bookshelfs and no garden. 1 Librarian Villager spawns, and sometimes a Farmer Villager as the customer.


Churches are always made out of Cobblestone, and have some cobblestone stairs in them, marking where the church service is. 1 Priest Villager spawn, and a Farmer Villager sometimes spawns


Blacksmiths only sometimes spawn, there is a 50-50 chance that one will spawn, 25% chance of 2. A chest spawns in Blacksmiths, with random items. There is also a furnace in, empty, and some lava with iron bars. The lava sometimes sets the village on fire if next to a house. they have no door. 1 Blacksmith Villager always spawns.

Houses GalleryEdit

Other StructuresEdit


Farms spawn in every village, with the minimum of 7 in a village. Water separates the farm into 2. Village Farms often cluster around Farmer's Huts, suggesting that the Farmers work on the farm for a living.


Villages have only 1 Well; in the middle of the Village. Roads come of the well, often curving to the middle of nowhere. They are 2x2 pools of water, but deep, do you need to cover up the bottom up to 1 block below the water, making an infinite water source.

Lamp PostEdit

Lamp Posts are found on the side of roads at random places, providing light for some of the village. The light isn't bright enough to keep out monsters, so people often replace the black wool for something brighter. Sometimes, when the lamp post is next to a wall, the torch shows up on the wall. Four torches are on; one on every side.


Roads are made out of gravel in plains Villages, but sandstone in Desert Villages. The connect all the houses to each other; all going to the well.

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