This page is for the ore. For the item, see redstone

Redstone Ore

Redstone Ore

Redstone Ore is a block in Minecraft that is very valuable (on the PC and XBox; not on the Pocket and Pi). When you start to mine it, it glows. On the PC and XBox, it drops 5-8 redstone; electric wires. In Pocket and Pi, it can be succesfully mined, but won't drop anything until version 0.8.0, but you still won't be able to anything with it until after 0.9.0. With a pickaxe with Fortune III, you can get 1/2 a stack from 1 ore. If right or left-clicked, or a mob walks on, redstone ore will emit a light level of 9, useful if youve run out of torches.

Natural OccurenceEdit

Redstone is quite common, and is found from bedrock level - level 16, same level as diamonds and lava lakes. It comes in veins from 4-8.

Data ValuesEdit

Redstone Ore: /give @p redstone_ore


Minecraft Blocks and Items Redstone Ore-001:10

Minecraft Blocks and Items Redstone Ore-0


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