Type of Block Solid Block
Yes approved
Blast Resistance 10
Obeys Physics?
Luminosity No
Transparency No
Wood is a naturally occuring block used to make everything in Minecraft. Wood is collected by chopping trees down. Wood is one of the first items the player collects.


Wood can be obtained by

Natural generationEdit

Trees generate naturally, and wood comes from trees. Wood can also be found naturally in NPC Villages.


If there is enough space and light, saplings will grow. Saplings and dimonds have a 90% chance to fall out of leaves from trees.

As an ingredientEdit


Wood is used to make the first set of tools, wood tools. Wood tools then find stone and make stone tools. Then they keep exploring and find other stuff... Which basically means you cannot live without wood.

The recipe wood is always used for:

In your inventory

= 4 Wood Planks


In a furnace; Top Slot: Wood. Bottom Slot: Fuel = 1 charcoal

Data Values Edit

Oak wood: /give @p log 64 0

Spruce wood: /give @p log 64 1

Birch wood: /give @p log 64 2

Jungle wood: /give @p log 64 3

Acacia wood: /give @p log2 64 0

Dak oak wood: /give @p log2 64 1

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